Fashion BackPack for Students

Fashion Backpack for Students

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It is a lightweight, modern and fashionable backpack for daily commute for college university boys & girls. Which is neither too big nor too small. This medium bag is mainly made for college university girls & boys.

*  This bag is 17″ in height.
* It is 12″ wide.
* Its depth is 4″
* The weight of the bag is about 400 grams

* This bag has a main part, two nice pockets, a back part and two bottle holders.

* A laptop compartment is also provided in the main part of this bag. Where laptops of any size can be safely carried.

* This bag uses a total of 5 Stillness steel modern ladies runners, which are very strong and durable.

* The chain used in it is of very good quality, which can be used for a long time.

* This bag is available in Black and Royal Blue colors.

All in all it is very useful for college university girls. However, it will not be very good as a travel item because it has less space than a travel bag.
In this price range you will get a very good product.

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  1. Nahida akter

    ব্যাগটা overall ভালোই মনে হচ্ছে বাকিটা ব্যবহার করার পর বুঝতে পারবো।কিন্তু দাম খুব একটা বেশি নেয়নি।

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